Liveable Cities Dashboard:

Promoting transparency in local governments

About the project

Building local competitiveness is essential in boosting long-term national competitiveness. Cities are the primary movers of economic growth and innovation. They are hubs of consumption, resource use, and waste. They are also generators of wealth, production, and development. However, in this increasingly urban world, today’s cities are facing new challenges. They have become the center of society’s most pressing economic, social, and environmental issues. They face issues on disaster preparedness, traffic congestion, lack of mobility and logistics options, and delivery of public goods and services. But in order for cities to improve, they must be able to measure themselves on how they are faring on these fronts.

Data plays an important role in local governments. It promotes transparency and public trust. It allows the local chief executives, and managers to make an informed decision and gain insights in delivering and enhancing services, formulating policies, and improving accountability and understanding of local operations. Likewise, it allows citizens and the private sector to identify innovative ways of using public data to engage with their local government.

With this, we created the Liveable Cities Dashboard, which consolidates multiple data sources and visually displays it in customized graphs, and scorecards. By utilizing data visualization, local governments can easily spot trends and correlations for effective decision-making and help them diagnose areas for improvement.

By collecting and analyzing data from a variety of public sources and databases, Liveable Cities Dashboard creates a detailed and in-depth visual overview, informative profiles for every city in the Philippines.

The Liveable Cities dashboard tracks 10 main measures which are: Basic Info, Jobs and Skills, Education, Local Economy, Doing Business, Mobility and Interconnectivity, Health, Urban Environment, Resiliency and Emergency Response, and Safety and Security.